Cub Customer Care

Answers to our customers' most commonly asked questions:

Missing a receipt?
All orders should come with a receipt in the white “My Cub My Way envelope.” Not seeing it? Call your store and ask them to reprint you a new one.

Didn’t have communication for substitutions?
Our shoppers are trained to reach out for each substitution during their shopping trip. If you didn’t receive communication while we shopped your order, give us a call at your local store so we can make it right.

Missing an item or bag?
Oh no! We are terribly sorry to hear that. Reach out to your local store so we can make it right.

Is it past your delivery time and still no groceries?
Give us a call at your local store so we can make sure you get your groceries ASAP.

The Cub Customer Care Team is here to answer your questions and help make your Cub shopping experience better. We're local. We're Cub employees. And we're Cub shoppers, too. Your feedback matters! Call us on weekdays or fill out the form below anytime and we'll get back to you as soon as we can - usually the same day.

Phone: (855) 282-3663

Customer Service Hours are 7am – 5pm CST Monday – Friday

Mailing Address: 421 3rd St. S, Stillwater MN 55082 ATTN: Customer Care Center

For Cub gift card balances: 800-377-7898